DMS-Shuttle for SharePoint 2010 / 2013 / SP Online / Office 365

Feature List

  • Bulk upload / bulk download from / to SharePoint Document Library
    • Create complete folder hierarchy
    • Perform upload / download via drag & drop, copy & paste shortcuts or context menu commands
    • Filtering of documents by attributes (filter wizard)
    • Renames files with illegal characters that are blocked by SharePoint
    • Keeps the original modified and created dates of the files (configurable, disabled by default)
    • Provides configurable behavior for existing files with same names. Following setting options are available: “Never overwrite an existing file”, “Always overwrite target file”, “Overwrite only if the source file is newer”
  • Manage document objects
    • Create a new document (via upload a file from file system)
    • Open / download documents
    • Check-out / check-in a document
    • Delete a document (or a list of documents)
    • Rename a document
    • Bulk update Metadata (incl. managed metadata / taxonomy) on existing documents (function is available on document library, folder and document level)
    • Bulk edit Content Types. This functionality is available on document library, folder or document level
    • Bulk check-in (function is available on every level: SharePoint site, document library, folder and document)
  • Manage document versions
    • Show list of document versions
    • Create a new document version
    • Open / download a certain document version
    • Delete a document version
    • Restore a document version
    • Download all document versions at once (configurable file naming)
  • Manage folder objects
    • Create a new folder
    • Rename a folder
    • Delete a folder (or a list of folders) and all its content

Supported Microsoft SharePoint Versions:

  • SharePoint 2010 / 2013
  • SharePoint Online / Office 365

Software Requirements:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5