Connect to LiveLink / Content Server

Please take the following steps to connect to your LiveLink environment using DMS-Shuttle.

If you want to open an existing (stored) LiveLink connection, please use the “Connection Manager” (read more >>)
For creating a new connection click on “Create a new Connection” icon in the toolbar or use the Main Menu “File >> Create a new Connection”.

Select LiveLink as target system

Select LiveLink as target system for migration

Connection Options

Connect to LiveLink Server

Connection Name

Define an informative name for the connection (free text). The connection will appear with this name in the list of stored connections within the Connection Manager dialog.

Select Folder

Click on the button next to the text field. The “Select Folder” dialog appears. Select the root folder of your source data that you want to migrate to LiveLink or the destination folder where you want to download files from LiveLink.


Enter the LiveLink server name (without prefix “http://”)


Enter the port number for access to the LiveLink server. The default port number is 2099.


Enter the username of the LiveLink user you want to use for this connection.


Enter the password used to access  the LiveLink Environment.

Finally, hit the Finish button to store the connection in your Connection Manager. The dialog will be closed and the tool sets up a connection to your LiveLink server.



Http-Tunneling is only needed, if access to the LiveLink server port is restricted.

Connect livelink using HTTP tunneling

User HTTP Tunneling

Set the checkbox, if you have to use HTTP Tunneling for access to the LiveLink server.


Enter the full URL to the LiveLink/CS CGI integration process in the form: http://host/livelink/livelink.exe.


Enter the port number for the HTTP Tunneling (the port is usually 80).

HTTP Username

Enter the username for access to the LiveLink environment.

HTTP Password

Enter the Password of the HTTP Username account.

Finally, hit the Finish button

NOTICE: Do not forget to install the Microsoft Visual J# 2.0 Redistributable  (Download from Microsoft  Site) before using DMS-Shuttle for OpenText LiveLink. Restart DMS-Shuttle after the installation of this Redistributable.

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