DMS-Shuttle for OpenText LiveLink

DMS-Shuttle for LiveLink allows users to browse, manage and transfer the following Object Types between the OpenText LiveLink repository and File System:

  • Enterprise Workspaces and Personal Workspaces
  • Projects
  • Folders
  • Email Folders, Email Containers, Email-Type
  • Documents

Feature List

  • Bulk upload / download from / to LiveLink repository
    • Create the whole folder structure
    • Perform upload / download via drag & drop, copy & paste shortcuts or context menu commands
    • Filtering of documents by attributes (filter wizard)
  • Manage document objects
    • Create a new document (via upload a file from file system)
    • Open / download documents
    • Reserve / unreserve a document
    • Delete a document (or a list of documents)
    • Rename a document
  • Manage document versions
    • Show list of document versions
    • Create a new document version
    • Lock / unlock a document version
    • Delete a document version
    • Open / download a particular document version
    • Download all document versions at once (configurable file naming)
  • Manage document renditions
    • Show list of document renditions
    • Add a new document rendition
    • Delete a document rendition
    • Open / download a particular document rendition
  • Manage folder / project objects
    • Create a new folder or project folder
    • Rename a folder / project
    • Delete a folder / project and all its content

Supported LiveLink Versions:

  • OpenText LiveLink™ 9.5
  • OpenText LiveLink™ 9.7.0 / 9.7.1
  • OpenText Content Server 10 / 10.5

Software Requirements:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1
  • Microsoft Visual J# 2.0 Redistributable  (Download from Microsoft  Site)
  • LiveLink Application Programming Interface (LAPI) v.9.7.1

DMS-Shuttle is open for your ideas

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