Enforce Naming Convention / Bulk rename

Sometimes it is required to replace certain characters in folder- and files names, which are located in SharePoint.
“Enforce Naming Convention” feature can do this job pretty easy. This function uses the same setting Options as the feature “Replace invalid characters when migrating to SharePoint“.

For example, it is required to replace all German “ü” with “ue” in file- and folder names within a Site or a particular Document Library. You can proceed as following:

1. Define characters you want to replace (in this case “ü”)
2. Define a character you want to use as replacement for “ü” (in this case “ue”)

3. Select a Site, Document Library or Folder and perform the Operation “Enforce Naming Convention” (per right mouse click and selection in context menu)

Bulk rename in office 365

Before execution of the function, the tool will display a confirmation dialog where the user can continue with “Yes” or abort with “No”.

When the execution is completed, the tool will display a summary. In Addition, the user can see information of renamed files and folders in the Session Log View.


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