Export Document Library with Metadata to Excel

Sometimes it is required to export the whole list of files within a Document Libary along with Metadata to an Excel file. DMS-Shuttle provides a built-in report that does this job. The tool allows to run this report for the entire Document Library or for some selected Subfolders.

How to export Document Library Metadata to Excel (from SharePoint / Office 365)

1. Select a Document Library or a Subfolder and perform the operation “Export Metadata…” (per right mouse click and selection in context menu).

Export Document Library with Metadata to Excel

2. After that, the tool displays a dialog where the user can define which fields should be present in the output Excel report.

Select fields to export

3. The tool counts all files inside the selected location and displays a confirmation dialog, where the user can confirm whether he wants to generate the report or to cancel this operation. Hit the “Ok” button to export the report.


4. A “Save as” dialog appears, where the user can select the target folder and the file name of the generated report.

Office 365 / Save Export Metadata as Excel file

5. In conclusion, once the tool saved the generated report in the specified location, it asks you, if you want to open the report in Excel.

Export Metadata Result dialog / open in Excel

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